Pork Roll and Taylor Ham Shirts and Merch

Our awesome pork roll shirts will make you the envy of your meat-loving friends! Show everyone that you’ve got a pork roll, egg and cheese in your belly! All of our shirts sport the awesome I Heart Pork Roll designs. Choose from our pork roll shirt designs, our Taylor ham designs or our I Heart Pork Roll designs.

Our shirts make a great gift. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Grandparent’s Day. Groundhog Day. They’re all great days to share the gift of pork roll shirts for your loved ones! Can you picture grandma and grandpa sporting matching pork roll egg and cheese tank tops? They will be stars of the retirement village! There is also much more than shirts! There are hoodies, onesies, coffee mugs, beach towels, phone cases, and more!

Check out our PORK ROLL shirts and apparel

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