Pork Roll Rachel Sandwiches

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pork roll rachelThe good folks over at Serious Eats posted a delicious piece on building a beautiful pork roll creation called a pork roll Rachel. I have never heard of a Rachel before but it is the sister sandwich of a Reuben. Basically, you replace the sauerkraut on your reuben with cole slaw and you have yourself a rachel.

So in this recipe, the pastrami is replaced with delicious New Jersey pork roll. Go ahead and check this out over on Serious Eats. I will be building one of these this week for sure.

How to Make Gloriously Fatty Pork Roll Rachel Sandwiches at Serious Eats

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Pork Roll Comes in XL at Bing’s Deli

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pork roll egg and cheese Bing's Deli

The pork roll sandwiches are double-wide at Bing’s Deli

Bing’s Deli is a small little breakfast and lunch joint in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ. The word has been spreading over the past few years about the moster pork roll sandwiches they serve up. On the foodie forums like Chowhound and Roadfood, whenever pork roll gets a mention, someone is always talking about Bing’s Deli.

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Pork Roll is What’s for Breakfast at Allenwood General Store

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allenwood general store exterior

The Allenwood General Store is a mecca for pork roll afficionados.

On a rural road in Wall, NJ there is a quaint looking business called the Allenwood General Store. It looks like it may have served the community for at least a hundred years. And it is somewhat true. There has been an Allenwood General Store in various locations in the Allenwood section of Wall since the 1850s. The current incarnation of the store has been owned by the Herbert family since the 1970s.

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