Dedicated to Pork Roll Lovers

This is a celebration of all things Pork Roll and Taylor Ham. If you aren’t from the Garden State, Pork Roll is New Jersey’s unofficial official favorite breakfast meat. A salty, porky, smoky meat product that has been made in Trenton, New Jersey for over 150 years.

Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

New Jersey is divided as to what we call the smoky meat. The package reads “Pork Roll”, but depending on where you are in the state, you may need to adjust your language. Northern New Jersey has long referred to it as Taylor Ham while central and southern NJ calls it Pork Roll. It is a longstanding debate as to what it should be called but we can all agree that we love our favorite breakfast sandwich…

Pork Roll Egg and Cheese

The Pork Roll Egg and Cheese sandwich is without a doubt the preferred method of consuming Pork Roll. Multiple layers of Pork Roll along with cheese (American is standard but it’s okay to go with something different) and egg (the runnier the better) on a hard roll aka a kaiser roll (sorry America, you can’t get a good hard roll outside of the NJ/NY/Philly metropolitan area).

Go to any deli in NJ on any given morning and you will see firsthand what Pork Roll means to New Jerseyans. It is still second to bacon in popularity but the true breakfast meat connoisseur will always opt for the Pork Roll/Taylor Ham.