food-mapA few weeks ago, Deadspin came up with the Great American Menu map. In it, each state was given it’s signature food dish. Illinois has it’s deep dish pizza. It was gumbo in Louisiana. So, the obvious choice for NJ is pork roll/Taylor Ham, right? Wrong. The food that best represents New Jersey, according to Deadspin, is salt water taffy.

Obviously, this article was not not very well researched and NJ meat fans are pissed. Nothing against salt water taffy. I go to Fralinger’s whenever I’m in Atlantic City. However, it is really just something you may eat while you’re in Atlantic City or maybe a few other shore towns. Pork roll is truly the food for all of NJ. From the top of Sussex County down to Cape May, pork roll or Taylor Ham is a what we are stuffing our faces with before work.

Over on, check out Readers in N.J. ‘extremely angry’ with salt water taffy food representation. You can read all about the fuss.