Yelp Talks Up Jersey’s Best Pork Roll Joints

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Yelp shot out it’s weekly “The Local Yelp” email to it’s NJ-based members on Wednesday with the subject, “Pork Roll: It’s a Jersey Thing”. They highlighted three of the favorite places in NJ to get your pork roll fix.

Included on the list was Slater’s Deli in Leonardo with 4.5 stars on Yelp, Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park with 4.5 stars, and Fritz’s Deli in New Brunswick, also with 4.5 stars.

It didn’t necessarily claim these three to be the best in NJ but they are definitely among the contenders. 

You can check out the Yelp email here.

What would you put as your top pork roll establishments in the Garden State?


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Pork Roll Pizza is a Thing!

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You’ve probably had a Jersey Burger featuring a slab of pork roll atop your hamburger/cheeseburger but this is the the first sighting (as far as I know) of pork roll pizza. But before you rush to your car and search for directions on your phone, I gotta tell you that (for now) the pizza joint in question is located in San Francisco.

Jersey is a pizza place/restaurant in the SOMA district of San Fran that features plenty of NJ/NY style deliciousness for the east coast transplants and anyone else that wants to sample the delicacies of our fine state.

This article from SF Weekly profiles Jersey and Pork Roll Pizza.

Eat This This Weekend: Jersey’s Taylor Pork Roll Pizza

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