Business Insider Gets It Right with U.S. Sandwich Map

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best-sandwiches-statesI don’t often refer to Business Insider for their insight into regional comfort foods but they did produce a pretty sweet map and infographic in honor of National Sandwich Day which was November 3 (It was quite a celebration in my household). In it, they correctly decided that “Jersey Breakfast Sandwich with Taylor Ham” was the sandwich that best represented the great State of New Jersey.

It’s worth checking out the lesser-known sandwich from exotic ‘Mercan locales such as North Dakota where they love their Smørbrød. And you can’t leave Mississippi before you suck down one of them Pig Ear sandwiches!

Check it out here: The Best Sandwich From Every State

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The Pork Roll Rachel is in My Belly

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A few days ago I posted about a recipe for a Pork Roll Rachel that I saw over at Serious Eats. Well, this morning, I decided that I needed to go ahead and fire up the pork roll skillet and build me a rachel.

pork roll rachel sandwich on plate

The Pork Roll Rachel

I started out by building my pork roll pac man army.
pork roll pac man

Pork Roll Pac Men

After your pork roll has been cooked, put them aside for a moment while you prepare the rye bread. Butter the outsides of your bread, grilled cheese style. On the inside, add a slice of swiss, then add some Thousand Island dressing. Then you can re-introduce your pork roll by piling it on to your sandwich. On top of that, add a pile of cole slaw.
pork roll rachel with cole slaw

Rye bread stacked with Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, pork roll (of course), and cole slaw…

pork roll rachel sandwich with butter

Another slice of swiss on top and finish it off with the other slice of rye.

pork roll rachel in the skillet

Keep the heat low and let it heat up evenly and slowly.

pork roll rachel tony the tiger

Tony likes it!

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Pork Roll Rachel Sandwiches

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pork roll rachelThe good folks over at Serious Eats posted a delicious piece on building a beautiful pork roll creation called a pork roll Rachel. I have never heard of a Rachel before but it is the sister sandwich of a Reuben. Basically, you replace the sauerkraut on your reuben with cole slaw and you have yourself a rachel.

So in this recipe, the pastrami is replaced with delicious New Jersey pork roll. Go ahead and check this out over on Serious Eats. I will be building one of these this week for sure.

How to Make Gloriously Fatty Pork Roll Rachel Sandwiches at Serious Eats

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